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In today's business environment, innovation drives success. And innovation often comes from having the most efficient technology people and processes in place - no matter what field you’re in. AKtechs has connections to multiple specialty divisions, enabling us to offer our information technology services and solutions across all leading industries.

AKtechs is a recruitment agency specialized in Information Technology (IT) based in Muscat-Oman. Our team of senior IT recruiters has the technical expertise, the network of contacts and the work methodology required to meet the highest expectations.To employers we offer a full range of flexible IT staffing solutions to attract the best IT professionals.

IT Permanent / Contract Staffing Solutions

The best way to predict a candidate's success is to observe that person in your organization, interacting with other employees and communicating with your customers. With Manpower's temporary-to-permanent staffing solution, you can see a candidate in action, and develop a true understanding of his or her skills and capabilities. Then, only successful performers transition to permanent employment status. Through our temporary-to-permanent hiring strategy, you'll experience:


Improved workforce performance

1. Only successful performers transition to permanent employee status

2. Transitioned employees already know the job and your company

3. Successful employees are more likely to be satisfied, and higher performers


Cost savings

1. Voluntary and involuntary turnover are reduced

2. Decreased recruiting costs through experience-based hiring

3. Workload is being met during the hiring process

4. Greater control over the hiring process, including reduced time-to-hire


Notably, approximately 40% of Manpower associates receive permanent job offers following a temporary assignment. Let AKtechs find candidates with the skill sets and work style your organization requires. Then, build a better workforce with proven performers who can contribute to your bottom line.