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Distributor Management Software

Effective Automation For Your Distribution network.This distributor management system has everything you need to efficiently monitor your distribution network.

Essential features of the Distributor Management Software includes:


  1. • Inventory management made easy.
  2. • Dedicated Warehouse management.
  3. • CRM.
  4. • Monitor sales activities.
  5. • Bookkeeping.
  6. • Efficiently handle purchase orders.
  7. • Automate and standardize accounting throughout the supply chain.
  8. • Streamline order processing..

  9. • Work from a master database.
  10. • Anytime, anywhere, on any device.
  11. • Android and iOS mobile App.

Distributor Management Software comes with free mobile apps

In an effort to compete more effectively in today’s demanding market, many organizations are striving to optimize their internal workflows with their Mobile Applications. So Aktechs provides the Mobile Apps along with the Distribution Management Software

Free Mobile Applications for


  1. iPhone/iPad
  2. Android
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